Witches finger quartz pendant #2 Zambia, Africa

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  • Witches finger quartz pendant #2 Zambia, Africa

(this stone comes from a mine that is now closed)

The frequency of Witches Finger Quartz connects to all of the personal chakras, cleansing and activating them so that one’s energy fields are cleansed of negative, stagnant energies allowing one to be open to positive energies within one’s environment.

Witches Finger Quartz helps one to see and overcome the darker side to one’s nature, one’s shadow self, its supporting energy allowing one to have clarity of thought, to see the higher perspective, so that one is able to find positive constructive solutions to life’s experiences.

It brings the energies of courage, support and confidence so that one may overcome fears and emotions that are not beneficial and brings magic into one’s life.

(All pendants come with a necklace)


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