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Adjustable Lemurian Quartz Merkaba Ring

$100.00 USD

Infused with the energy of Lemuria, a mystical ancient civilization, Lemurian Merkaba Quartz is believed to carry the wisdom and spiritual essence of this ancient realm. The Merkaba shape, a three-dimensional star tetrahedron, is associated with divine energy, spiritual transformation, and ascension. In Lemurian Merkaba Quartz, this geometry enhances the crystal's metaphysical properties. Lemurian crystals are known for their healing vibrations. When shaped as a Merkaba, they are thought to activate and amplify spiritual growth, healing, and the awakening of higher consciousness. Lemurian Merkaba Quartz is believed to facilitate a connection to higher spiritual realms, allowing for profound meditation experiences and communication with spiritual guides.  Many practitioners use Lemurian Merkaba Quartz in crystal grids and energy work to create sacred spaces, enhance energy flow, and promote a harmonious balance between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

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