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Adjustable Quartz w/Green Tourmaline ring Santa Rosa, Brazil

$90.00 USD

The presence of green tourmaline within the quartz cluster amplifies its healing properties. It is often used in energy work to enhance the effectiveness of healing sessions and promote overall well-being. Green tourmaline is associated with the heart chakra, fostering love, compassion, and emotional balance. When integrated with the amplifying qualities of clear quartz, it can assist in harmonizing the heart's energy and supporting emotional healing. Both clear quartz and green tourmaline are considered purifying and protective crystals. Together, they can create a shield of positivity while cleansing and transmuting negative energies in one's surroundings. The combination is valued for its ability to deepen one's connection to higher realms and spiritual insight. Meditating with a quartz with green tourmaline can promote spiritual growth and inner peace. Clear quartz enhances mental clarity and focus, aiding in clear, positive thinking. When combined with green tourmaline, it can help individuals achieve emotional and mental balance, supporting personal growth and self-improvement.