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Pink Lemurian Quartz Pendant #3, Serra Do Cabral, Brazil

$60.00 USD

Pink Lemurian Quartz is associated with the heart chakra, radiating loving and compassionate energy. It is believed to assist in deepening emotional connections and fostering unconditional love. These crystals often display horizontal striations or "Lemurian lines" on their surfaces. These lines are said to hold ancient knowledge and wisdom that can be accessed through meditation and energy work. Pink Lemurian Quartz is considered a powerful tool for emotional and spiritual healing. It can help release emotional wounds, trauma, and negativity, facilitating inner growth and transformation. This crystal is thought to connect individuals with higher spiritual realms and guides. It is used to enhance meditation, intuition, and spiritual insight. Pink Lemurian Quartz is believed to facilitate heartfelt and clear communication, allowing individuals to express their emotions and intentions with love and authenticity.