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Shamans Dream Quartz w/Kaolinite Pendant Minas Gerais, Brazil

$80.00 USD

Shaman’s Dream Quartz, a type of high-grade Quartz, contains natural inclusions of Kaolinite, a powerful mineral for cleansing and detoxification of heavy energies. Kaolinite helps in the development of clairaudience and communication with the spiritual and angelic worlds. The combination of Kaolinite and Shaman’s Dream Quartz creates a powerful healing energy and stunning inner landscapes that often resemble mossy underwater gardens. These crystals are powerful “anchors” during shamanic journey work, facilitating connections to both nature spirits and angelic entities. Shaman’s Dream Quartz with Kaolinite attributes is a powerful tool for shamanic healing work and shamanic journeying, allowing for deep connections to the spiritual realm.