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Bg3 Citrine Pendant #1 MG, Brazil

$90.00 USD

(BG3) are a new classification of crystals that have the characteristic of being able to energetically and vibrationally adapt depending on what type of energy and/or vibration is needed for a particular healing.
This elite group of Crystals with adaptogenic vibrations share the common characteristic of possessing an unusually high Centering Vibration. This gives them a universal balancing energy which helps create balance in people, animals, plants or locations where their energy is applied, and also helps balance the effect of secondary vibrations within the particular type of stone, so that they are more easily absorbable by human beings and are not overwhelming in their effect. While every Crystal is similar in that it has high intensity Centering Vibration, they are all different due to their diverse Secondary Vibrations.
Below are a few examples: 
1. Ability to recharge the energy field of humans and other living beings, and can even recharge other stones which have been depleted). 
2. Possess the profound ability to absorb virtually any harmful/heavy energy and transmute it to the centering (light) energy vibration. 
3, Manifest intentions in the physical world through energizing of thought forms placed into it
4. Calming and clearing of the mind and emotions with powerful stress reduction.  

Citrine is often called the "Merchant's Stone" as it is believed to bring business success, increase sales, and enhance negotiation skills. This crystal's energy is uplifting and joyful, dispelling negativity, and inviting optimism and positivity into one's life. Citrine is also seen as a powerful cleanser and regenerator, helping to clear stagnant energies and revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit.