Agni Manitite Pendant Java Island, Indonesia

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  • Agni Manitite Pendant Java Island, Indonesia
  • Agni Manitite Pendant Java Island, Indonesia

Agni Manitite is a newly discovered glass tektite from a remote island in the Indonesian Archipelago. It is a rare and hard to obtain stone as most of the pieces are difficult to get to as they are located under the ocean. The name Agni Manitite comes from the ancient Sanscrit term and means ‘Pear of the Divine Fire’. This stone is also said to have a strong spiritual connection to Krishna, Sirius and Kundalini energy.

By stimulating your Solar Plexus Agni Manitite allows you to be more attuned to your ‘gut’ feelings and become better able to follow your intuition at the most basic level. Agni Manitite is a great manifestation stone as it allows you to better understand your needs and wants and have the courage, self-confidence and energy to move towards achieving them. It is a stone of ignition and assists to light a fire in your life anywhere that you need it – work, relationship, spiritual growth, goals and passions and fills your being with the wants and desires to achieve anything. It is a very grounding and protective stone that encases you in a bubble of protection as you move forward allowing you to become all you need to be while feeling safe. Agni Manitite is a great stone to use if you want to raise or work on your Kundalini.

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