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Adjustable Shungite Merkaba Ring Karelia, Russia

$100.00 USD

Shungite is renowned for its ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation (EMF). A Shungite Merkaba can act as a powerful EMF shield, providing protection from the harmful effects of electronic devices. Shungite is grounding and stabilizing, and when shaped into a Merkaba, it can assist in balancing energies and promoting a sense of equilibrium. The Merkaba shape is associated with spiritual transformation and ascension. Shungite Merkaba is believed to facilitate personal growth and the expansion of one's consciousness. The Merkaba geometry is considered a powerful energy amplifier. When combined with the purifying and protective properties of shungite, it can intensify intentions and energy work. Shungite Merkaba may enhance one's connection to higher spiritual realms, facilitating meditation, energy healing, and the exploration of metaphysical dimensions.