Adjustable celadonite phantom quartz ring Madagascar

$50.00 USD
  • Adjustable celadonite phantom quartz ring Madagascar

Celadonite, specifically Celadonite in Quartz, is an excellent but very gentle healer. A phantom or inclusion in a crystal allows for wisdom, peace and harmony in your life. It helps in communication with your Spirit Guides, and aids in remembering that all of life is for you. It helps you to realise that it’s only your own beliefs about what you deserve (or are allowed to have) that keep you from reaping the harvest of what is already yours! Physically, Celadonite brings more oxygen to your body, allowing your blood to do its very basic and extremely important job of keeping your physical body healthy. Phantoms are used for past life work. Phantoms are also associated with connecting to guides. Because of its green color, celadonite phantom quartz is believed to support communication with healing and nature related spiritual beings.